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 Custom laser engraving is now available on bulk orders of most nixie clock models. 

There is a flat $35 charge for engraving any number of clocks.  Please use the Contact link above to inquire about details.

Nixie Tube Clocks & Kits
Nixie Tube Clocks And Kits


My name is Peter Jensen, and this site features the Nixie clocks I build for sale. Thank you for coming.

The 1950s saw the advent of the Modern design aesthetic; clean lines, utilitarian forms, and the motto: "Less is More" (Mies van der Rohe). The Nixie tube made its debut in 1954, and provided some of the first digital displays for the latest scientific equipment of the time. Once utilized primarily in research and military equipment, Nixies are now prized for their modern aesthetic.

I have designed these clocks to pay homage to the era which birthed the Nixie. These clocks will not play music, take your temperature or connect to the Internet. What they will do is display the time, beautifully and simply.

These clocks feature new, old stock space-race era Russian Nixie tubes. The numbers glow soft orange in blown glass tubes. The Russian built tubes also feature a unique conversation starter: the number "5" is an upside down "2," reflecting an efficient and cost effective design philosophy from the cold war superpower. Both unexpected, effective, and thought provoking.

Other details on all the clocks include a fading feature; when the time changes, the old time fades out and the new time will fade in. The warm glow of the Nixies is enhanced by the smooth transition of the digits, as time slowly passes. Setting the time is accomplished simply by pressing the two buttons hidden on the back, one for hours and one for minutes.


Click here to see the clocks for sale!

Click here to see the kits for sale!


Technical Data: The numbers in the Nixies are about .7" tall. The time is displayed in standard 12-hour format (not military, 24-hour time) on the 4 Tube clocks. The 6-tube clocks support both 12 and 24-hour display format.

The IN-12 clocks (tubes stick out the front) use wall power, U.S.A. standard 120V/60Hz. This clock will not work with higher Voltages found in Europe and other locations.

I also have a line of IN-14 clocks (tubes that stick out of the top) in a variety of enclosures. These use 12V DC power, and come standard with US "wall wart" power adapters. International/universal adapters are also available for purchase.

You can see some videos of the clock enclosures being milled over in the machining section of this site.

Here is a video of the clock in action: