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I am still a bit behind on filling orders, but am catching up.  My apologies for the delay.  Orders should ship within a week.

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Nixie Clocks
IN12 4 Tube Clock with Black Bevels: $149

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Look below to find the 6-tube version of this clock on sale!

The little clock that started it all!  This retro-styled desk clock was the first I designed for sale.  Four IN12 Nixie tubes display the hours and minutes in a simple case of extruded aluminum.  Fluting along the top and bottom accentuates the simple, straight-lined style.  Black bevels protect the edges, and rubber feet on the bottom protect your desk. Setting the time is accomplished simply by pressing the two buttons on the back.

5" wide, 3" tall, 1 3/4" deep. Weighs approximately 12 oz.

Fully assembled and ready to use.

Please note that this clock requires U.S./Canada standard wall power (120V AC, 60HZ).

Also available as a kit.



Also available with colored bevels: $154

Translucent Red, Opaque Yellow, or Translucent Blue.

red_sm clock_blue.jpg

Fully assembled and ready to use.


Bevel Color:

IN12 6 Tube Clock with Black Bevels: $210



Be mesmerized as you watch the seconds change on this 6 Tube clock.  Six IN12 Nixie tubes display either 12 or 24 hour (military) time.

Measures 6 1/2 " wide, 3" tall and 1 3/4" deep. Weighs approx. 19 oz.

Fully assembled and ready to use.

Please note that this clock requires U.S./Canada standard wall power (120V AC, 60HZ).

Also available as a kit.

Also available with Colored Bevels: $214

Any of the colors from the IN12 4 tube nixie clock are also available on the 6 tube version!


Bevel Color:

IN14 Brushed Aluminum Clock: $375

Milled from a solid piece of aluminum stock, brushed and anodized, this is a very substantial piece.  It weighs in at almost two pounds, and has a very solid look and feel.  It has a clean, simple shape, with beveled edges and buttons hidden on the back.  I am very proud of how this has turned out.

Measures approx. 7 3/4" wide, 4 1/4" deep, and 3 1/4" tall.

Fully assembled and ready to use.








This item is currently out of stock.  I expect to have more brushed aluminum enclosures in stock sometime in mid August.

IN14 Black Powder Coat Clock: $299

Black_Hammond_Front1_FrontPage.jpgThe handsome matte black powder coat enclosure adds a sleek look to the vintage tubes.

Measures approx. 7 1/2" wide, 3 1/4" tall, and 4 3/4" deep.

Fully assembled and ready to use.


Back in stock!

IN14 Polished Anodized Aluminum Clock: $450


There is nothing that could possibly be on your desk that this clock will not complement or improve upon.  

I have received many requests for a clock in this style, and I can not be happier with this result. This clock is milled from a solid piece of 6063 aluminum, and has a weighty heft. It is hand polished and then anodized to protect the surface from scratches, dust and finger prints.

Measures approx. 8" wide,  3" tall, and 4" deep
Weight is 1lb, 11oz, not including the power adapter.

Fully assembled and ready to use.


These are now back in stock!


PA_Top_small PA_Back_small PA_Close_small

Assembled IN14 Clock with No Enclosure: $269

Create Your Own Enclosure!

For those who want to create their own enclosure I also offer the bare IN14 clock.

The clock pictured to the right has no neon bulbs between the nixies, but these are included.  The neon spacer bulbs can be removed if desired.

The bottom picture shows the clock in a clear enclosure. This enclosure is NOT included with the kit; however, you can purchase it directly from Cases For Collectibles. It is the 8x4x4 display case with black base. You will need to call them and special order this size, but there is no extra charge. You also will need to drill 4 mounting holes on the bottom, and a hole for the power plug on the back.

Assembled IN14 Clock With No Enclosure: $269