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 Custom laser engraving is now available on bulk orders of most nixie clock models. 

There is a flat $35 charge for engraving any number of clocks.  Please use the Contact link above to inquire about details.

Stirling Engines

I'm happy to announce that has a limited quantity of these wonderful, low-temperature differential Sterling Engines made by hand in Germany by CarlAero Ltd..

These small engines will turn just from the heat of your hand, a warm monitor, a cup of cofee, or any other heat source.  They will also turn (in the other direction) if placed on something cold.  Any termperature differential will cause the engine to work.

These stirling engines demonstrate how precision engineering, along with sound design, can turn even the smallest temperature difference into work.  And they do it silently and beautifully.

Please click on the video below to see this stirling engine in motion.  Also below is a clip from a German television show featuring these stirling engines.  Even if you don't understand the German narration, the video and graphics are pretty clear.


Click Here to See the Stirling Engines!