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 Custom laser engraving is now available on bulk orders of most nixie clock models. 

There is a flat $35 charge for engraving any number of clocks.  Please use the Contact link above to inquire about details.

Stirling Engines
Fully Transparent Solar

solarsteelfront_tiny.jpgThe plates are made from clear acrylic. High energy light (sunlight or light from a lamp) is converted to heat upon reaching the piston. This again heats the inside chamber, which then drives the engine for as long as the engine is placed in the sunshine.

The acrylic bottom plate allows you to watch the moving parts even from below.  This model works best with a bright light source from above, although it can be operated just like the non-solar-engines by heating it from below.  This just reverses the flywheel's direction of rotation.  Since acrylic does not conduct heat as well, it will take longer to start up and may not run quite as fast when running in this mode.

First-quality engines are sold out- sorry for the inconvenience.


Seconds $270 - Some of these I'm selling at a discount as seconds because of some scratches or other cosmetic defects. These still run perfectly, and are covered under the same 30 day return policy.

SALE- an additional 20% off will be taken at checkout on this engine!